Ankita Mehta (CV)
Machine Learning Engineer II, FactSet
Past: Junior Research Fellow, CAI@IIITD , Research Student, MIDAS@IIITD
Online Presence: (LinkedIn) (Github) (Stack-Overflow) (Google Scholar)


I am a Computer Science Master Graduate from IIIT Delhi (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi). I currently work as Machine Learning Engineer with Cognitive Computing Group at Factset Systems India Pvt limited. I use text mining, machine learning and deep learning technologies for our product at FactSet.

I have worked as Junior Research Fellow at IIIT Delhi under Dr. Viswanath Gunturi on the project titled: “Investigating Scalable Algorithms for Transportation Problems on Graph-Based Representation of Road Networks”.  I learnt information retrieval and text mining techniques as part of our course work at IIITD. I have worked on several academic and industry projects in the domain of text retrieval. I am also working on ASR Project with Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah for the team at MIDAS@IIITD.

Personally, I am a super curious person and like to learn more about various technologies. I believe that two technologies which are shaping the world’s future are Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. The growth of data and the rate at which technology is building its root in every aspect of our lives has always been appealing to me. I enjoy learning from other experts around various communities to expand my knowledge.


  • Local Re-adjustment based approaches for Load Balanced Network Voronoi Diagram. DEXA, 2018


27th July 2019Industry Panel Member at WISE Project Expo and Presentation at BVRIT HYDERABAD
18 July 2019 Conducting workshop at HopperX1 Hyderabad on “Build your own APIs”
1-6 July 2019 Attending 4th summer school on Computer Vision (IIIT Hyderabad)
16, 23-Mar 2019 Facilitated Cloud study Jam for Google Cloud Developers Community, Hyderabad

Can you help me in my dream chasing? Please mail me @ankitamehta283[at]gmail[dot]com


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