Operating System: Basic Concepts & Course

Hi Innovators!!

I guess I will be focusing on GATE tutorials for now! Well for all those who were waiting for free and easy Gate study material and tutorials, InnovateHub will be your personal guide. I will not only provide GATE notes but also teach them via our YouTube channel.  I will upload all material as soon as I can! Be patient and follow this blog for more! 🙂

Operating System is one of the most important subject in GATE study. Not only for GATE exam and other entrance exams, Operating system fundamentals are important for future in Software development. I always feared this subject in my B.Tech. But then GATE STUDY helped me overcome my fear finally! And yes I love this subject.

I followed the book Operating System Concepts (6th Edition) By Silberschatz, Galvin, & Gagne. One of the standard and most prescribed book. Its language is simple and easy to understand. This will also make your concepts very clear. It is a small book with immense knowledge. One go through  of this book is a must. But for all those who have less time to prepare, you can go through my tutorials apart from skimming through the important topics once. Yes! If you want to secure Rank 1 in Gate, going through book is necessary. It certainly will give you more confidence while answering the questions.

Here is our first tutorial! Im so excited to start it. Are you?

You can download the notes Operating system-1 Introduction

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