Best TED Talks!

Hi Innovators!

What is a better place to listening than the great TED talks themselves! I Love watching TED talk videos on YouTube. In fact i have this app also installed on my android phone! They are inspiring, they are involving and more importantly they are perfectly timed. I never ever feel I have wasted my time in watching these talks. There is always some thing to learn. So here are some of my favorites TED talks. Lets get inspired to innovate!

Dont you feel like making a speaker for yourself?? Like right now! But you will watch this video and get back to your routine. Checking facebook, or you know watching the next video or keep surfing the net! What-so-ever it may be, but you don’t make your speaker and leave the thought. Well why are you doing this? You wanted to make it at the first place when you saw this video, isn’t it? Well i was confused too. But I happen to watch this one below by Mel Robbins and found the answer.





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