Coding and Practice!

For all the coders out there HackerEarth is a really nice website. Their blog is dedicated as –

On hiring programmers, technology companies and programming

There are multiple contests, other programming events based on which you can practice, challenge other programmers and once you have a profile build up. Various companies hire you. I happen to join the site when I entered the Women Hackathon event as a promotional event on International Women’s Day.

Once you join the website, there are multiple contests you can take part in. I am currently practicing the Easy/Beginner Programming Set, as I want to build my coding skills from the basics. There are 9 Problems and I am currently on the 4th one.

Why don’t you join it and practice as I am doing!

Do let me know if you joined or you wish to discuss any problem. You can like, comment and share, follow this blog and my you tube channel as well for the latest updates. Happy Innovating!


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