My attempt at BPHC Code Battle

Hi Innovators!

BPHC Code Battle is the first coding contest by Crux – The Programming and Computation club of Bits Pilani, Hyderabad Campus (As per the details provided on HackerEarth). This was the second coding event for me to attempt on

Problem Statement:

The contest involved solving 5 coding problems each with specific marks based on input acceptance on code submission.

Time Limit: 5h

My experience:

The problems were simple but they were tricky(as they always are). The only thing which creates a hurdle is Problem Constraints. Usually its based on size of integer input, or range of array, etc. So if you know how to deal with them, problem solution would be easy.

My Performance:

I could solve 4(out of 5) and unfortunately only 2 of those were accepted. Still it was quite a decent performance I believe, and have a long way to go. To see my profile performance visit my profile at HackerEarth.

If you would like to know more about the problems in this event or any other related query. Drop a comment, message.

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