Horiba India Interview Experience

Hi Innovators,

I recently had a job Interview at Horiba India – Japanese manufacturer of precision instruments for measurement and analysis.

Job Profile: C++/Java Developer

Experience: 2+ years in development

Rounds: 2 till now.

I happen to get this opportunity through a consultant who suggested that the company’s need is urgent for a JAVA developer. Considering my profile, I have had training in J2EE from Infosys Technologies Ltd. back in Jan 2012. It so happened that post my internship I was a part of Mobility Team of Infosys at Mysore. And later I was developing Windows 8 Phone & Store Apps. For one year in production, I was into development as System Engineer. However, due to business needs in Pune, I was moved to the role of Test Engineer with an esteemed Client at Infosys itself.

Now since Horiba’s need was two years into development profile, It wasn’t a usual interview.

I entered the Horiba office where after completing form formalities, My interviewer and I entered a meeting room discussing on my Profile. He looked visibly uncomfortable with my profile. He asked me if I knew Advance Java. And I mentioned that my expertise is limited Java Core and J2EE with JAVA. After few more questions based on my  profile, I told him that I was good with my fundamentals and learning new language or tool wouldn’t be that difficult for me. He finally agreed that taking the interview shouldn’t be a problem.

For Java, he asked Final, Finalize concepts. Then went on to ask if JAVA has multiple inheritance which I could answer immediately. It seemed he wanted me to answer on Struts, Swings. But looking at my discomfort, he decided to break the ice and asked on my Testing profile. Which STLC do you use? How do you test a web based application? If I had worked on automation. It was getting difficult for me and him as I was definitely not he was looking for. But the turning point in out conversation came, when he asked me to code a program to parse a string in a particular pattern. As I explained to him the logic, I happen to tell that if I was coding in c++, I would use Vectors here. Immediately he asked on how I learnt about vectors as its a rare term in trainings. Thats when i told him that I had been working on my C++ coding skills and for solving problems on Hacker Earth, I mostly use vectors. He now wanted to test my c++ skills. He asked me to wait till he arrange for another technical round. My next round happened in the same meeting room with some other interviewer who specialised in c++.

For C++, they started with linked list program, Structures, self referential structure. Later I was told to code a program to check if a linked list is circular or not. Then we switched to SQL and she asked me to tell about joins. Later i wrote a query to find the maximum salary from the employee table. Next they rose the difficulty level and asked me write code for string copy function(not using standard lib function), difference between Malloc, Calloc and Realloc; void pointers, pointers to class, pointers to array. Lastly I was asked to code a program to instantiate the class dynamically using pointers. I got stuck here and they gave me the clue that it will be using new keyword. Although I wrote the program, but this was where i got cornered to end our interview.

Overall it was a nice interview, just that they asked to come prepared on Visual C++ and Borland C++ for further meet. They said they will provide my feedback to HR as well. So stating both of these, It was quite an ambiguous feedback to me. I am waiting for the result still. 🙂


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