Thomson Digital Interview Experience

Hi Innovators!

I had another interview yesterday, an experience so different from the interviews I have attended so far,

Company: Thomson Digital

Profile: Java Developer

Interview Rounds: 3 (2 technical + 1 HR)


Well unfortunately what seemed like a one on one interview call, it was a walk-in. So the problem was there were many people who turned up for the interview. I guess there were more than 30 people for 10 positions. So the wait was also long.

As I entered the office reception, I was given an MCQ based written test. It had 10 questions in total. The test purely had Core JAVA based questions. Questions involving static, public/private/protected, final keyword, abstract methods, interfaces, ArrayList, LinkedList, vectors, etc.(I will soon put a draft on sample questions).

After waiting for 3 long hours and not getting any response, I couldn’t wait anymore. I went on to request the organizer to check on my turn. And after another half an hour, they called me for first round.

Questions Asked:

  • Tell us a brief about yourself.
  • Why did you leave your previous company.
  • Brief on projects you did.
  • WAP to reverse a string using JAVA in one loop.

Well the first round was 10-15 minutes long. I felt he was impressed with my program(reversing a string). So he briefed me about the company and told me to wait for second round.

The second round was around another half an hour later. Well the second interviewer seemed technically strong with JAVA expertise. So he asked me on JAVA only. He showed me my answers (The MCQ which was given to us initially), I was given 5/10 but on another look some of my answers were not check because they missed two sheets. So I definitely scored more. He was impressed with my score already. He asked me my comfort level with advanced JAVA. And i told him that I wasn’t quite comfortable. So he asked on Core JAVA.

Questions Asked:

  • What is the difference between HashMap and class?
  • What is the Difference between Hash Table and Hash Map?
  • Explain Hashing.
  • Can we add a number in between an ArrayList while traversing. Can we do the same in Linked list.

And that’s it. The interview was very short again and my response was moved for HR round. Clearly they were not looking for strong technical skills. HR round was mainly package negotiation. And voila I was Hired!

Let me know what you think of the experience. If you are working for Thomson Digital or have worked previously, do let me know your take on this experience. In case you are going for the interview, tell me about your experience.

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