My GATE result and what can i do about it?

Hi Innovators, On 12th March GATE results came. I checked it today morning as I had been travelling on 12th. And unfortunately, they are not so good. Earlier I gave a thought of not putting it here, but then I felt I should be proud not embarrassed at my score. So the result is:

AIR Rank: 1,970

GATE Marks: 591

Normalized Marks: 44.92

Total participating Candidates(in CSE): 1,15,425

Percentile: 98.29%ile

As I said they are not good. In fact getting IITs is not at all possible. But I can try new IITs interdisciplinary courses(MS/M.Sc(Engg)). Well I am upset but not exactly disheartened. I guess because these are just numbers, the real me is still growing slowly but continually. And as I am a positive person, I guess I can take this. My parents and family are disheartened but supportive. So I now have few more exams, interviews and then 2 years to make the career of my choice. I love studying. I love learning new things. Coding is extremely fascinating, and i like to challenge myself to solve more problems. I guess this is what keeping me strong here. So what can I do about it? One option I should forget about Top colleges and go for a Job, try next year. Or Keep my hopes high for good colleges still available and work harder for them. But as they say risk should be calculated. With my score I have chances for IIITs, Few good NITS. But I will be satisfied if I get NSIT/DTU/IIIT-A. IIIT-H is my dream college. And its separate exam is one of my chances. BITS-Pilani Campus is also great option. Again a separate exam. So, I will have to gear up now to get the best for my CS MTech. A college where i can increase my core competency and skills. A message to all those who got similar score. Please don’t worry too much. Stay strong and keep working on your coding skills. It will not only be good for GATE interviews but also for Job placements. Just keep working hard! Those who got better marks than this score! You guys have made it! Don’t be stupid and be sad if someone tells you that your score is not good enough for whatever reason. Show them mine if you wish 😉 and tell that “if she is doing okay, I am at least better”. For Those who have scored lesser, You gotta stay strong like me and keep working hard. Remember marks is just a number, it doesn’t tell your knowledge and skills. You still have enough time to prepare for BITS at least if not IIIT-H. And you can do way better as you now know are one more exam experienced. All the very best and Wish me luck too guys. Keep Rocking!


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