Life Paint by Volvo!

Hi Innovators!

Today’s story is on a fascinating and innovative product by the reputed Swedish multinational manufacturing company. If you are a cyclist or not, this product is definitely something!

Cycling in the night is mostly a real trouble for many cyclists. Its often dark and due to its low cover protection, cyclists are often ignored on the roads. Few years back I wanted to cycle my way to and back from office. My major concerns were security as my timings were many a times late. So I had to drop the plan. I always see many drivers getting caught n accidents because if low lit cycles. Its unsafe for both the cyclists and a four-wheeler(or bigger) driver on road.

Only if cycles could be covered or be seen glowing on the roads!

Lets see the possibilities…

There is immense research going on for the fully enclosed bike designs. Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim wants to reinvent the motorcycle as we know it today. His idea? To design and manufacture a fully enclosed, two-wheeled motorcycle that runs purely on electric.

Cool to see, if only they could be designed for manual cycling as well?? And how affordable or available for that matter, are they? I guess this will take some time to come. Did The Future People heard us??

Lets focus on what we currently have… Volvo has solved most of our problems quite easily. The next video says it all…


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