BITS HD Test – Sharing doc from a post from facebook

EXAM NAME::   BITS HD TEST (( * for gods sake…………stop using BITSAT*)
Program Name::   ME CS, ME SS……..( NOTICE it’s NOT M. TECH. )

1.    HOW TO APPLY??
Answer::  Online application will be announced. According to last year  “Last Date to Register Online was 20-05-2014″For 2015:    Apply Online   > Send (Application form, 10th marksheet, Degree, Fee receipt)
Last Date:: 5PM, 20 May 2015

1.2 Do we have to upload any Photograph or signature?

No need to upload photo,signature.   Jitna bola he utna karo,  READ INSTRUCTIONS AND FOLLOW THEM. Do not assume anything. Do not guess anything.     BTW……When you appear for exam, Your PHOTO will be captured using WEBCAM installed at exam centre. SIGN also may be taken. Relax and Study.

1.3 What should be my preference’s?

Apply to as many options as you can,You can always choose whether to join goa, hyd, pilani or whether to join CS or SS or embedded.Remember that Your allocation will be strictly based on MERIT and PRIORITY of your PREFERENCES IS important. Just in case if you put first option as (GOA-CS) and you are allotted to that in first round, YOU WOULD NOT GET CHANCE TO CHOOSE(2: HYD CS or 3: PILANI CS).    So fill up the priority of preferences according to your personal priority.

1.4 Are the faculty in HYD,GOA campus good?

Im not sure may be you can ask some goa,hyd student/alumni.Its not really important because here there are many subjects that are conducted by cross campus faculty via teleconference classroom.(As as example, My Network Security course is being taught by 3 professors from three different campuses)Over the years MANY senior faculty from pilani campus have chosen to tranfer to dubai,goa,hyd. So there are many excellent ones goa,hyd.Think from the perspective of a faculty, given a choice, which city would you choose to work in? Anyways for now , You first study and CLEAR the exam and then think about all this questions.

1.3 Documents Required

  • All Marksheets for each and every semester for every year
  • Just submit photocopies of all your marksheet
  • Degree Certificate – If you have Degree certificate or provisional degree certificate then send photocopy, If you dont then dont
  • SOP- Formally you need to send your SOP(its compulsory). but this will be just for namesake, As per last year, admission was based on marks alone. Sop was just formality, im not sure why they ask for it.
  • Experience certificate- If you have it then put it. If you don’t then don’t worry. As I said earlier, till now admissions were only be based on bits hd score.
  • Gap Certificate
  • DONT SEND->Resume

1.4 I did not mention my GAP, Employment in Application form, Should fill up another one?

If you have lots of money to donate to BITS then fill up another application, As I said earlier, ONLY BITS HD SCORE will be evaluated.

2.    Exam Date?
Answer: According to last year, “Online” Test, 31-05-2014 & 01-06-2014
This year its, 30 May 2015 or 31 May 2015

3.1 Format of exam and Syllabus ?
Answer: Online Test I: 60 Minutes-60 Questions(Core Mathematics 15,Physics 15, English&Management 15, Computer Programming 15)Compulsory for all students who are applying for any of the higher degree programmes Online Test II: 120 Minutes-100 QuestionsSo for Admission to “ME CS” , Cutoff will be based on marks = (TEST 1+ TEST 2)Online Test III(Special Test for Software Systems) 60 Minutes-50 Questions So For Admission to “ME SS” , Cutoff will be based on marks = (TEST1 + TEST3)Please see the 2014 Brochure for more details uploaded in Files section

3.1.1  I have applied for both CS as well as SS, will i be giving Exam for SS or CS exam as the syllabus are different ?
Answer: your choice. you can choose to Appear/Skip whatever exam you want.
BITS will conduct three separate papers
paper 1 , paper 2 and paper 3
for CS p1+p2 will be considered
for SS p1 + p3 will be considered

3.2  Negative marking?

Answer: For all the above tests all questions are of objective type (multiple choice questions); each question with
four answers choices only one being the correct choice. Each correct answer fetches 3 marks, while each
incorrect answer has a penalty of 1 mark. No marks are awarded or deducted for questions not attempted.
While the candidate can skip a question, the computer will not allow the candidate to choose more than
one option as the correct answer.
The questions will be selected at random from a large question bank. Different candidates will get different
question sets. An expert committee will ensure that the question sets are of comparable difficulty level,
content, question3.3  Cutoff Marks? How much Marks is safe enough for Admission?Answer::  There is no such thing as cutoff marks or ENOUGH or SAFE MARKS.Exam is highly competitive and It’s Strongly advised to STUDY AS HARD AS YOU CAN.)Hint:: Score as much as possible)

According to 2014,
ME SS(PILANI)-cutoff-122/330-(Test1+Test3)
ME CS(Pilani)-cutoff-154/480 – (Test1 + Test 2) 

“*Note: DO NOT AIM FOR THIS., SCORE AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE, You never know if cutoff rises to 180,190 this time(In 2013 it was 170+)  End of NOTE”

3.4  I don’t know Physics/Maths , Can i skip studying them?
Yes,you can skip any section you want, There is no sectional cut-off. You can score 0 in part A and full marks in part B. No worries. At last final added score of part A&B counts.However, Please also remember that BITS HD exam is a highly UNPREDICTABLE exam and their huge competition for limited no of seats. It’s strongly advised to study as much as you can and work harder on as many subjects as you can.

3.5  Is there an interview after written test? Any idea on how the interview will be on the admission day, generally? And if its CS specific?

Yes.  But your interview is not part of selection procedure. It will decide whether you get a Departmental Teaching Assistantship or not. It’s just an interactive interview to connect student with faculty. According to Saiyedul sir, “To put it gently, “you will be X-rayed” , you will be asked about basic concepts of CS…and as you go on explaining things, they will increase the level…so at least prepare one or two favorite subjects properly….they may also start with your projects, research papers (if you have any).Don’t try to lie to them about the things that you don’t know…they will easily find it out.In short, by ready to experience “the Magic” ”

4. Should i apply for both course CS and SS ?
Answer: Apply for both SS,CS. Both are different programs but students in BOTH SIT TOGETHER FOR PLACEMENTS, Once you get into BITS you can always work more and develop your skillset as you want.

4.1 what is difference between ME CS and ME SS course there.

The subjects you study are different. In SS you study Data Mining, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Data Warehousing + electives etc. And in CS you study advanced algorithms, advanced computer networks, advanced OS etc etc. And both have a few common electives as well.4.2 Does the companies discriminate between CS and SS?Opinion(1)NO.   Placement wise both are the same, course wise it depends on your personal choice. Companies are mainly concerned with your favorite courses and care more about your projects, Programming Experiences,Problem Solving Ability,Opnsource Contributions, knowledge of basic CSE concepts. etc.As a student YOU would be given a chance to appear for WRITTEN TEST(recruitment process), Now its up to you, How you fight it out with BE,Dual,CS,SS,MECH,EC students.  Remember BITS,COMPANIES focus on MERIT.Opinion(2) I would say SS (might be marginally beneficial that too in a rare situation) because they teach us Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Software Architecture which supposedly are used in industries..

5.    How is placement scenario there and how many student get above 10 lac offer.?
Ans: Almost 60% of batch is placed above 10lpa , Students also get 6 months INTERNSHIP(PSII) in big companies(They may convert this into OFFER LETTER(PPO))

6.    Tell me about loan facility ?
Ans. LOAN is easily available at all banks,Most of the banks will recognise BITS as PREMIER college and will help you easily sanction the loan.

6.1   Is there 100% placements?  HOW DO PEOPLE REPAY THE LOANS??
Ans::  If you compare BITS with world wide universities, its one of the cheapest for return on investment and also provides excellent education at par with many US universities.Placement percentage will be generally 70% for CS/SS(excluding companies like TCS,infosys).However, there will be many off campus opportunities, companies will be willing to pay on an average 8-10lpa or your loan of 4lacs can be easily cleared in your 1-2 year itself.moreover last semester is PS, so you would be earning 20k or 30k or 40k per month.And you also get handsome amount of scholarships in the institute itself.(49K per semester in departmental TASHIP) or (76K per month in Divisions)(READ 7th).MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU CAN THINK ABOUT ALL THIS ONCE YOU FINISH AND CLEAR THE EXAM.  For now you have to study hard and score high enough to be in top 25-50 people all over india.Good luck (Y)

7.    What about assistanship is it available or not for every student.
Ans. [I]Teaching Assistantship(TA) is available in the institute(You need to work for faculty,administration departments)There are two typesTYPE orward  1 : (9600 per month * 5months)(WORK LOAD:: 6hours per week)
TYPE 2:  (40 % of fee = approx 35K)(WORK LOAD::6 hours per week)
Few hard working students(10-13 people out of 50) can also go for BOTH TYPES OF ASSISTANTSHIP(Approx 76000 per semester)

CRITERIA:: Willingness to put in 6 hours or 12 hours for work, Interviews will be taken to assess your suitability.
If the TA is for courses in department, your basic concepts of CSE will be checked.If the TAship is for some Unit/Division , you need to know MSWORD or EXCEL or ORACLE Database or VB.NET or C# or Web development PHP,Python or Parallel computing,compiler,. Every division/unit has different requirement based on project.[II] GATE Teaching Assistantship This is given by MHRD(UGC). College will ask for applications and forward the applications to UGC. UGC then disburse the amount to students based on the GATE SCORE.

PS::This process take 2,3 years, and it is very much possible that you will get your stipend,1,2 years after you finish MTECH.Criteria::GATE Score

PS:: you can take only one scholarship, either BITS TASHIP OR the ATE Scholarship

PPS:: Almost all(70%) people will get atleast one TAship for sure.

8.    More about Six Month internship is called as PSII(Practice School).

Generally every company gives stipends varying from 20k-40k per month).PS Company allotment takes place at the end of third semester.It will be based on your CGPA for 1,2 semesters.4.Criteria for obtaining Double TA ship is ->willingness to put in 2 hours per day*7 days ,->Hard work->ready to take responsibility

9.    Brief description of placement process.
Ans. There are two placement seasons at the start of every semester.Placement continues for 30-45 days or even more.Generally ME students opt for placements in 1st semester and go for PS in second sem of 2nd yr.

10.    What  is the level of paper-2  and which subjects to concentrate more?
Ans. Paper 2 is easy because questions will not be that difficult. Paper 2 is very difficult because questions will be asked from ALL subjects(VAST syllabus) without ANY FIXED PATTERN.Questions will be LOGICAL(So mugging up doesn’t help).Physics questions are likely to be numerical and not easy.
Bottomline is Stick to basics and study everything in as details as possible. DONT SKIP ANY TOPICS,ANY SUBJECTS.

Note:C,DSA,ALGO , OS,Database,Discrete maths, Maths  must be done thoroughly

11.    Detail placement  statistic of 2012-14 batch.
Ans. Placement Statistics (ME CS batch 2012-2014)

  • Total = 17(CS)=>5 did not get placed(2 of them got into TCS , 1 had backlogs)(ALL 5 had CGPA less than 6) (2 of them got PPO after PS(1 got amazon ) )(3 of them had very very less cgpa,so they did not go for PS)
  • 11 guys got > 10LPA
  • 2 guys got 7LPA  (NOTE:: TCS(3-4LPA) like companies are not counted in placement statistics ).

12.    No of Seat’s
Answer:Bits Pilani , Pilani Campus  (ME CS    24)(ME SS    25)

13.    How to prepare for BITS HD EXAM?
Answer:    There is no right or wrong approach,Different strategy works for different people, Everyone has their methods of studying.Personally i recommend you to focus on UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS without bothering about QUESTION pattern and imp question. Understanding CONCEPTS can be done using any method (reference books, text books,Video lectures,NPTEL,MIT OCW,Udacity,WIKIPEDIA,Khan’s Academy,COACHING materials,,GATE PAST QUESTION SOLUTIONS, LOCAL AUTHOR BOOKS,Magazines anything that you like)ITS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS and not just mug up the questions.

14.    How to prepare for Physics

Answer: NCERT book should be sufficient, you can also refer to PRADEEP’s physics or ABC of physic.Its totally your choice. Prepare yourselves for numerical, lots of them.

15.    Is it necessary to study Physics? Can I leave it completely?

Answer:: Physics is Not necessary, there are many who haven’t studied physics. But remember that Physics is there in TEST 1 , these marks will be counted for both SS as well as CS admission. SO if you study physics you get DOUBLE advantage.

16.    I don’t remember anything of Physics, Should I get scared and not fill up the application form?

Answer::   No….Hell No..!!!This is the precise Reason why 40% of THE ASPIRANTS DO NOT APPLY FOR BITS HD TEST.(Physics)Out of the rest 60% of people 20% of Aspirants have FALSE belief that BITS is not comparable to IIT’s.(THEY NEVER STUDY SERIOUSLY)

17.    Should i drop one year and prepare for IIT’s ?Is BITS really equivalent to IIT’s?

Answer::I refuse to accept that BITS is not equivalent to iit’s, Placements are EXCELLENT(Especially for Masters if we compare with IIT mtech students),  Bits graduates are respected all over the corporate world(HUGE ALUMNI BASE), great extracurricular activity(clubs,associations,fests,projects,)(NUMEROUS OPPORTUNITIES), 6 months PS Internship is a USP of BITS masters program(CHANCE TO GET PPO),guest lectures alumni talks,research talks,entrepreneurs,mba admissions,gre preparations (LOTS OF SEMINAR’s take place…..thanks to alumni’s).

18.    How to prepare for C language for test 1?

Answer:Let us C, Test your C, ANSI C  any of them.If you are from CS background you just have to revise and practise problem solving. Most questions will be basic level pointer,structure,nested loops,function call,integer and floating arithmetic,linked list,stack,queue etc.Many questions will be like “to Find out the Error”,”Find the output”,

19.  How to prepare for Physics in Test1?

Answer: Study the book BITSAT Explorer 2015/2014 – Arihant Publications. Study only those topics as mentioned in the BITS HD Syllabus. You must practice the problems given in the book. Most of the questions in the Physics section will be numerical. CAUTION:: All the information mentioned above are true to the best of our knowledge and experiences. This by no means should be treated as official instructions given by BITS pilani. This group is an informal and for any to post and comment. Please beware of False information and rumours being spread by BITSIANS and NON BITSIANS.

20.Many people are asking questions like I have got 123 marks, will i get admission in CS? or Whats last year cutoffs?

Trust me guys, DO NOT WASTE your time/THOUGHTS on these cutoffs related posts and queries. NONE CAN SURELY SAY WHETHER YOU WOULD GET SELECTED OR NOT.
If someone says “you wont make it ” or “you are surely IN” , Dont trust them.

Cutoffs is a variable thing and IT DEPENDS ONLY ON THIS YEARS COMPETITION AND HOW OTHERS HAVE SCORED. Anyways If you want 2014 statistics see Question 3.3 in FAQ above^

As an example
In GATE 2013 , 41 marks fetched 1300 rank whereas
In GATE 2012 , even 48 marks had 3000 all india rank

Can you see the huge difference?

Similarly , Owing to limited no of seats, YOUR RANK IN BITS HD SHOULD BE WITHIN TOP 20 or TOP 25.(*btw your ranks will never be made public by BITS)

Now that you understand cutoff and how it varies drastically.
Let me share some free advice:
Prepare your mind for both BEST case as well as WORST case, If you get selected what would you do? and if you don’t then what would you do?
Over the period of next 1 week, think on both and ACT on both of them.
Remember EXPECTATIONS hurts. so if you assume that you would be selected , you would be hurt badly, whereas if you prepare for the worst case rejection and do everything that you can do and try other alternatives, you wouldn’t feel that bad on the day of result which would be a week or two after exam.
Relax and take some rest, rejuvenate and start with alternative options.


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