Life and Universe!

Its been a year I joined IIIT Delhi for my masters program and life has been amazing! My LinkedIn profile, GitHub profile, Stack Overflow profile, all speaks for it! An Interesting fact – and trust me this is one is going to motivate you guys to take up studies in general! I did only a single project in my study of 4 years. And that too we guys(my team for the project) never fully finished. And In last one year itself, in fact 8 months or so, I have have done 6 full fledged projects, out of which 3 are research work. I am aiming for a publication as well this year. Hopefully if that turns out well, & trust me it would be a dream come true!

As part of my free time, I did MITX course – The Analytics Edge to build my fundamentals on Data Analysis and working on R. This course was also great because I took a Kaggle inClass competition where I ranked 136/2875 participants! Later I covered the course – Intro to Apache Sparks by BrekleyX and DataBricks due to my interest in Big Data Analysis. Both these courses were on eDX and were great! But to make things stronger – I have joined the Udacity Data Analyst NanoDegree. Things are extremely exciting as of now! And hectic too!

I find Data Analysis as the future to all technologies or rather Its already been used widely in almost every area. Be it in Software Systems for Health Care or Energy Consumptions, Be it dream projects like Self Driving Car, or Say building Systems for Differently Abled people. Data Analysis fundamentals, Machine Learning  can be applied almost everywhere. Although I agree that currently we cannot  make fully machine learning applied application for real life and death situations due to the high error components. But it is a boon for eCommerce, business decisions where risks can be taken.

I guess I will put up more updates soon. Hopefully this makes you stay motivated to work hard and keep moving!


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