Why it is important to be respectable to co-workers?

Coming from my personal experience, when I first started working, I was a low performer throughout. I used to push myself to go work every morning. My managers felt I was too naive. In order to get the right work and grow, I shifted teams. But the performance was always low.

I am so weird! I am not performing up to the mark! Everyone else is working in the same office. Why is it that my performance is low? It’s definitely because I am not professionally strong. I am a terrible employee!

I remained in my first job for a few years, accepting and blaming myself for my below-average performance. And finally quitting with the mindset that its me who needs to work harder. But I wanted to be someone on the top!

Moving forward with my ambitious mindset, I finished my graduate school and came to another workplace.

Now, the second workplace was my dream job. I was highly motivated since I had worked so hard to get the job. But then as I moved ahead with my work, my performance did not move up at all. A co-worker who was really aggressive with work had a role to play here. Many times he unknowingly, abused or simply rejected any proposals I had for our project at the office. In fact, the arguments and frictions were visible on the floor, in meeting rooms, in front of other co-workers. Simultaneously my personal life was also taking a major shift. It started to become distressed to be at work. And obviously, my performance was terrible.

It’s only when the co-worker left our workplace, I found my existence at work. Now when no-one was putting me down and no-one was telling me that “the problem is YOU” (me), I had more ideas to express. I was more vocal, more understanding on projects and ownership at work.

I watched Christine Porath’s  ted talk on incivility the other day. And now the dots connect. I believe that it is extremely important to respect people, in-general, and even more so at workplace. Watch the talk and let me know your thoughts on it.

Have you experienced issues at workplace?

Who do “you” want to be? It is a simple question. And whether you want to answer this or not, you are answering it everyday through your actions.


2 thoughts on “Why it is important to be respectable to co-workers?

  1. I could vividly connect my own experience with this article and could feel they are so many people who actually gone through the down because of incivility and raised themselves after realizing that problem is not “You” but the others.
    Thanks for sharing Ankita !!!.. Keep writing

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