Conditional Probability – Lets unroll it a level down!

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Recently I was preparing for this examination(doesn’t matter), I was preparing probability and statistics. Considering the most important and commonly asked topic in GATE as well. I had studied it thoroughly from books and formulas. Yet i get stuck at questions many a times.

But to my rescue I found out two 12 minute videos on YouTube, which helped me take my learning of Conditional Probability to one level deeper. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this. So go through these videos below one after the other. I suggest you not to skip the order. Also even if you loose interest in the videos somehow, force yourself to complete both of these. I am certain you will never have to worry about Conditional Probability now.

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Eigen Values and Vectors Simplified!

Hi Innovators,

Below is the tutorial for the very important and scoring topic of maths. Eigen values and vectors are most commonly asked topic in 1 or 2 mark problems. They extremely simple to solve and are very scoring. Follow the videos and let us know your feedback!


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P, NP and other problems…

The most popular and mysterious P and NP class of problems are common confusing topic for GATE aspirants. I have created a video series to explain this topic the way I understood it.

The first video describes the P vs NP problem and explained with a simple circuit example.

The Next video explains the terms Deterministic and Non Deterministic. As when I studying started this topic, I used to get confused sometimes. So the next video explains it in detail.

Watch out for more soon.


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Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Exam for M.Tech

Young at forty two years, as universities go, what has lent strength and energy to Jawaharlal Nehru University is the vision that ideas are a field for adventure, experimentation and unceasing quest and diversity of opinions its chief premise. In the early 1970s, when JNU opened its doors to teachers and students, frontier disciplines and new perspectives on old disciplines were brought to the Indian university system. The excellent teacher-student ratio at 1:10, a mode of instruction which encouraged students to explore their own creativity instead of reproducing received knowledge, and an exclusively internal evaluation were a new experiment on the Indian academic landscape; these have stood the test of time. The very Nehruvian objectives embedded in the founding of the University, national integration, social justice, secularism, the democratic way of life, international understanding and scientific approach to the problems of society had built into it constant and energetic endeavour to renew knowledge through self-questioning.

Available Relevant Courses: M.Tech /PhD in Computer Science & Systems Sciences

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Previous Year Papers: 2014 2013 2010-2012

I will soon solve these and provide the correct solutions.


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My GATE result and what can i do about it?

Hi Innovators, On 12th March GATE results came. I checked it today morning as I had been travelling on 12th. And unfortunately, they are not so good. Earlier I gave a thought of not putting it here, but then I felt I should be proud not embarrassed at my score. So the result is: Continue reading “My GATE result and what can i do about it?”