Athematik: My art page

Although i do not consider myself an artist, but art and color inspires me. I paint sometimes to refresh my mind. It is just so amazing to use colors! So last year around this time I started painting just as my weekend hobby. But then I started to like it. Here are some of them. Critics are most-welcome! Also, you can become a Patreon for me and support me.

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100 Days of Coding Challenge

I have started working on my habit of learning something new every day and I want to focus on building my profile as a Data Scientist in the domain of Finance. Now I am not limited to Finance, but the majority part of my focus will be Finance. There are three main reasons for it:

  1. I Love the field.
    • It is really fascinating to learn about financial terms, trading and trading strategy.
  2. I currently work in this field.
    • A major part of my day is revolved around finance.
    • It because of my office work.
  3. I have a curiosity to learn everything!

Now coming back to the main topic of this post. I have started working on coding each day and bit by bit I want to excel my coding skills for AI. Hence, I have taken up the challenge of 100 Days of Code.

If you haven’t heard of this challenge then lets me brief on it first. It pretty simple actually.

Code for next 100 days.

Told ya. Pretty simple!

But how to make sure that I am actually doing and not procrastinating in the middle is by logging it on my Github.

Here is the link to the log on my GitHub.

Now the part of this challenge is to grow with the community. and hence, I would like to tell what all have I done in the past few days. This way I would like to invite you, innovators, to join me in this challenge. I would brief at last how to join the challenge. But let me first tell what have I done so far.

Day 0 and Day 1: 16 and 17 August 2018.

Image Classification using OpenCV and tensorflow

I built a pipeline to classify images using OpenCV and tensorflow libraries. Well, the task was to pick images and classify them into 6 classes. Finally saving the trained model.

Once the model is saved, it can be used to test on test images. This was my second task. Since this was my first attempt at a self-project using OpenCV and tensorflow, I had many challenges while coding. But none the less, I have completed this task.

Oh, what an amazing experience. I would come back and work on deploying this project and will put a formal post on this blog’s Data Science page.

Refer the GitHub repo for more.

Day 2: 18 August 2018.

AI For Trading: Project 1 – Trading with Momentum

I have joined the course AI for Trading. AI For Trading course is my attempt to learn more about financial data and working on them using AI. So the first project in this course was Trading with Momentum. I have finished this one! Yayyi!

Refer the GitHub repo for more.

_____ That’s all since it just been 3 days for me to take up this challenge seriously. Hope I continue working on it.


How to Join this challenge??

Here are the details of this challenge >>>

Hope you would join me. I would continue updating this post as I progress. Wish me luck!!

Qualcomm Interview Experience!

Qualcomm came to our campus for internship recruitment. They were looking for hardware engineers and software developer. Internship was open for both CSE and ECE graduates. Process had 3 rounds:

  1. Written Round
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR interview

Written Round

Pattern was MCQ based. It had 3 Sections: General Aptitude, CS Technical, Electronics Technical

This was not too tough. It comprised of 4 programming (subjective) questions as well. I forget but I guess it was about writing a recursion based code. For CS Technical, mostly C/C++ based questions, pointers, output based, etc. For ECE Technical it had Computer Organization, Computer Networks, One flipflop question, etc.

Technical Interview

The interviewer was kind. It was 45 minutes around. He asked questions on projects, programming language. Difference between OS and kernel. Design a software for Airplane. My mobile Model, processor(it has qualcomm snapdragon 650). Then If my phone supports virtual memory.

HR interview

This was just simply to check your communication skills, your attitude towards qualcomm. Pretty simple.