Hi Innovators!

This blog is about learning new things each day. I’m in this constant endeavor to become better each day by learning something new. Keep following this blog for all new ideas!

My dream chasing keeps me going:

“Candidness, confidence, boundless energy, unending hope and an energizing vision encapsulated in a compassionate world view”

– Indra Nooyi

And I have a bucket list to complete:

  1. Write a research paper in an international conference.
  2. Publish a transaction paper.
  3. Visit google office (Mountain View).
  4. Start a python course.
  5. Start a C++ course.
  6. Get 10000 + reputation on Stack-Overflow!
  7. Build a product for India.
  8. Have a patent.
  9. Get a 3 bedroom apartment with big open balcony!
  10. Write a book.
  11. Paint a wall.
  12. Learn to play guitar bar chords.
  13. Learn to play Piano.
  14. Record a song.
  15. Be a speaker at 5 conferences.
  16. Mentor a person to impact his life!
  17. Fund someone’s education.
  18. Impact 10000 lives on Milaap!
  19. Visit a foreign country solo.
  20. Visit MIT as a guest.
  21. Attend TED Talk.
  22. Give a TED Talk.
  23. Have a passive source of income!
  24. Network more!
  25. My mission: Build a community of ambitious people!
  26. Learn to speak Spanish.
  27. Witness northern lights.
  28. Sky Dive!
  29. Learn Swimming.
  30. Learn to Surf!
  31. Visit white sand beach.
  32. Get a bachelors degree.
  33. Get a masters degree.
  34. Get a Ph. D.
  35. Visit all 7 continents.
  36. Bungee Jump!
  37. Ride a Bullet bike.
  38. Do an overnight bike ride.
  39. Get a pet – dog or mouse (may be).
  40. Sketch a comic series.
  41. Get 50 stars on GitHub Repo.
  42. Contribute to opensource project.
  43. Get 5 pull requests.
  44. Take parents to a beach trip – Bali/Maldives may be!
  45. Publish a journal paper.
  46. Start a creative store.
  47. Host a painting gallery exhibition.
  48. Visit Santorini.

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