P, NP and other problems…

The most popular and mysterious P and NP class of problems are common confusing topic for GATE aspirants. I have created a video series to explain this topic the way I understood it.

The first video describes the P vs NP problem and explained with a simple circuit example.

The Next video explains the terms Deterministic and Non Deterministic. As when I studying started this topic, I used to get confused sometimes. So the next video explains it in detail.

Watch out for more soon.


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Algorithms! Unlock the mess in your head for this subject.

Hi Innovators!

For most Algorithm is a subject students are not able to grasp. Algorithms is a vast subject for first go, But as you unravel this mysterious subject you will realise it as simlple as doing math(2+2=4) or may be tell probability of winning a Head in a coin! Continue reading “Algorithms! Unlock the mess in your head for this subject.”