My GATE result and what can i do about it?

Hi Innovators, On 12th March GATE results came. I checked it today morning as I had been travelling on 12th. And unfortunately, they are not so good. Earlier I gave a thought of not putting it here, but then I felt I should be proud not embarrassed at my score. So the result is: Continue reading “My GATE result and what can i do about it?”


Best Hand written GATE Notes

Hi Innovators,

Here are few of handwritten GATE notes. Please bear with handwriting 😉 Click on each of these subject to download the PDF notes.

Compiler Design


Computer Organisation and Architecture

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Updated GATE 2015 CSE Question And Answers

Hi Innovators,

I have collaborated these questions from 2015 GATE Exam(7th Feb afternoon slot). I have solved the questions one by one. The solution is divided into two parts of video. Check them now!!

If you have add on to these, please leave a comment or Continue reading “Updated GATE 2015 CSE Question And Answers”