Books! Way to learn and grow.

Hi Innovators,

I am a book lover. I can say that because whenever i am moving from one place to other( by the way i travel like a nomad!), I have at least( and I am not kidding) two big TV size cartons of books with me. Although I feel I haven’t read many books. But whatever the books I have read, Continue reading “Books! Way to learn and grow.”


Algorithms! Unlock the mess in your head for this subject.

Hi Innovators!

For most Algorithm is a subject students are not able to grasp. Algorithms is a vast subject for first go, But as you unravel this mysterious subject you will realise it as simlple as doing math(2+2=4) or may be tell probability of winning a Head in a coin! Continue reading “Algorithms! Unlock the mess in your head for this subject.”

Updated GATE 2015 CSE Question And Answers

Hi Innovators,

I have collaborated these questions from 2015 GATE Exam(7th Feb afternoon slot). I have solved the questions one by one. The solution is divided into two parts of video. Check them now!!

If you have add on to these, please leave a comment or Continue reading “Updated GATE 2015 CSE Question And Answers”