Intelligent Systems and IBM Watson…

I have always been curious on Artificial Intelligence and its related topics. During my undergraduate studies, I was introduced to Alan and HAL of Oh they were my best buddies, I must say. You could talk to them for hours. AlanAlan, specially is my favorite. He says he is merely based on pattern matching, However, I find him very intelligent still. Recent chat bot to their addition is Jennifer. JenniferIts interface is quite like a regular chatting session.

Chat bots have always been my favorite. Recently TARS of the started a whatsapp chat service, where they have local experts serving all requests for you. I initially thought it was a AI service. However, they have a human interface at the top layer to answer the queries. Now this makes the whole idea not so fascinating 😦 However, they said they r working on building AI based agents soon.

During my final year of B.Tech. Project, I was working on a similar idea to build an ER diagram though Natural Language processing. Now this was my first attempt to understand how compilers and Intelligent systems work. Since then I had been learning and reading on Pattern recognition, Parsers, etc. Although, I am still a beginner in all these. I am quite optimistic that I will build an Real AI system soon. (Very soon.)

My recent discovery is the IBM Watson! Oh its a charm! It works though cognitive framework and learns by taking the decisions just like we humans learn: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate and Decide. The best part is it can understand any form of raw data. And that makes it even more powerful.

How does it learns? Watch the below video for the same.

Now I am still exploring more on Watson! I will update you on it soon… But you guys keep thinking on innovation!!