Semantic Web, and the Vision of World Wide Web

Hi Innovators!

The Evolution of internet, started with the PC Era, rising and constantly evolving towards Intelligent web can be observed these days in every part of the technology. We want machines to be more and more intelligent day by day. For us Siri is not enough! We want real life JARVIS!

In one of our college lectures, we came across this really interesting comparison of Semantic Web with Web 2.0. Have a look!

As a technology fanatic, “Tim Berners lee” is  definitely my idol! In the year 2001, he wrote an article in Scientific American on Semantic Web.  Its a must read! So have a look!

Imagine what we probably do via the Zomato’s Link(In Zomatos App) with Uber Taxi is what he(TIm Berners Lee) envisioned in the year 2001!

Well I am definitely enthralled by the power of WWW!  Tell us about your take on this.