Should I go for spot round or not?

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Its tough season with mtech admissions as many aim to fulfill their dream of getting the college and branch of their choice. CCMT counselling itself is with so much of confusion as information brochure has details not so clear to many. Now as soon as the third round counselling gets over, one will have to take a tough call on whether to take their allotted seat or Go for NSR (National Spot Round).

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Hope the below article help in clearing your doubts on NSR.

Comparing CCMT 2015 & 2014, there is a very subtle but very important difference. The difference is in 2014 internal sliding & round 4 both are done simultaneously while in 2015 first internal sliding will be done & after which NSR will be done.(for me round 4 and NSR are same except fee condition because both involves surrending seat)   Now what is the difference in the above. The difference is internal sliding timing. For example, if one gets computer science seat in MNNIT Allahabad & he surrenders his seat for better NITs like Calicut,Warangal,etc. and suppose in NIT Calicut one has taken Information security & chooses option I or II(in previous rounds which will be automatically upgraded to option II after round 3) and he takes his admission finally.   Then after round 3 some candidates with computer science in NIT Calicut surrenders. & due to internal sliding the candidates of NIT Calicut of information security with option II will upgrade to computer science  thus filling the vacant seats of computer science & making vacancy of Information security in NIT Calicut. Similarly, in MNNIT Allahabad the candidate seat of CS might  be taken by candidates of IS & software engineering in MNNIT Allahabad with option II. So, In this case the candidate may end up losing his seat  But what is definite from above that some seat will be vacant originally holding by candidates that are waiting for IITs. & the seats in higher preference college will also be vacant but of lower priority choices. So according to above example the MNNIT Allahabad candidate which has surrender his Computer Science seat for  higher college will definitely get seat in higher NITs in Information security or software engineering but might not in computer science and even he might lose his seat due to internal sliding in MNNIT allahabad. So what finally should be decided if your preference is COLLEGE and NOT BRANCH then you can go for NSR & if your preference is BRANCH and NOT COLLEGE then you should not go for NSR as you might end up losing your own seat with particular branch.

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