Route to Mumbai! Can you help the traveler? #trickyquestion #PGEE #twodoorsriddle

Hello Innovators!

Month of April is getting interesting with each week passing by with amazing mind boggling riddles! This month we did solve the reasoning problem of finding #cherylsbirthday. And just when the fun wasnt over, PGEE-15 gave the #twodoorsriddle problem as part of their GA section. They asked the riddle with a traveler who wishes to go to Mumbai. Lets see the complete problem statement…

A traveler wants to go Mumbai from Bengaluru. He decided to walk a certain road. Suddenly he meets a divergence in the road with two roads forking the road he was travelling. He knows for certain that one of these road goes to Delhi, while the other one goes to Mumbai. However he doesn’t know which is the correct one. He sees a small tea shop at the divergence. The tea shop is owned by identical twin brothers. There is no way you can differentiate between them by their physical appearance or by their voice. On reaching the tea shop, traveler finds out that one of these brothers always speak truth, while the other one always lies. But who speaks truth or lie is also unknown. Now the traveler’s dilemma is that he wants to find the route to Mumbai, but the twin brothers are as stubborn as the Genie in a bottle! And they give just one chance (unlike the Genie of Alladin who gives 3 wishes  😦 ). So the traveler can ask one question, and only one from any one of the brothers. What should he ask and to which brother? Can you help him?

P.S.Sorry, I added some masala to the story. Couldn’t resist… 😦

Tell us in the comments below what should the traveler do?

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